The End is the Beginning is the End

My student days are over. Yes, O-V-E-R. Over. I have handed in the audiovisual piece written, directed, edited and graded by me. Yes, I wanted it all! Was it a good experience? Yes, it was. It was also a big challenge, highly demanding, quite stressful, but very rewarding. Perfection, perfection. We are always looking for perfection. Does it really exist? I think it is as similar as the Holy Grail. It is the aim, the eternal goal that somehow does not fill us up completely. And it is better that way, because every project is a new window of possibilities, and deep inside our hearts and minds we know that we can always do it better. Yes, my student days are over, but the learning never ends.

So what’s happening at the moment? This for instance: is my new old adventure. Criskcracker films is me, my lab, and my work. Updating the show reel, updating the resume, looking for new projects and making films that is me at the mo! Here is a piece of my free time which at the end, I found it quite productive! Ends are nothing but new beginnings, at the end.

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Slowly but Surely

A couple of days ago I had my first final Masters Project Tutorial. We read through the script and my tutor came up with very positive first impressions: It’s very visual and colourful. And then I asked her to destroy the script with her completely honest opinions, and guess what? She did.

The dialogues need to be revised. How to turn it into a journey? Real vs. Believable. Punch after punch after punch, and at the end I was knocked out! I took it with a smile and positivism. But now that a few days have passed, man, I can seriously say that it was a bit harsh. But, better sooner to know than later to regret. I just need to work on it, nothing to panic about.

In other happy news, I’ve been putting on practice my humble knowledge of Cross Platforming and my project finally has a website, which makes me very happy, and yes I reckon, motivated.

It’s nice to try to get everybody involved and keep them entertained. Am I an entertainer? Am I? I think in part, yes. I can live with that, I like it actually.

My two main characters are on board and I could not be more pleased. There is so much that needs to be done, and my mind is starting to get dizzy with that long list of things to do. But I keep repeating to myself: “It’s just a silly phase”. I just can’t wait to go back and start “making” (making films that is, I didn’t want to sound pretentious). I can feel the butterflies in my tummy again, just like on a first day at school. Masochist that’s who I am, but aren’t we all anyway?

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Welcome to the enigmatic world of Screenwriting!

Yes, I am writing. Life is about having fun, flying kites, spend it with the ones you love, but it is also about challenging yourself. Since the moment I decided to apply for this MA course I knew that I wanted to write a screenplay at some point, and that time has arrived. I am writing the script for my Final Masters Project. And yes, it is scary! (Not the actual story, I hope not anyway!) I haven’t written a proper screenplay since 2004 when I was in Uni back in Perú. So far I’ve got an option for the tittle and 97% of it is written. I can’t publish this post without thanking Fiona Julian who has given me some ideas and made the process a bit easier.

Writing is tricky! You start at one point, and suddenly you found yourself in a different place, sometimes much much further away than you thought you will get. It’s good and sometimes it’s really bad. Specially when you try to focus, and you need an end and you have little time. I am enjoying it though. Wish me luck! I’ve put myself a deadline: By midweek I must have a decent first draft. I’ll keep you posted!

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The Simplest Things of Life (The Post)

Busy, everyone is busy. Flying kites seems like a faraway memory from our childhood. My dad used to love flying kites. He tried his best to encourage my bro and I to love his hobby, but that never happened. The reason? My dad was a kid himself when he flew them, and my brother and I hardly had a chance to play much with them!

Flying kites in Poole

Flying a Nirvana kite in Poole Park in front of the sea. Having a lay down in the grass with the shinny sun upon us. Families around us enjoying a nice day out with their cute little and big dogs, picnics, bbqs, everyone in their own circles, having fun, without molesting anyone. Jumbo hotdogs in a little trailer shop plus a small ice cream with a chocolate flake. Walking to the lake, crossing the railway, sitting down to enjoy a bike race. Ducks, geese and swans cross our way.

Having a nice lay down after flying kites!

Sometimes life is less complicated than it seems. Money is not the answer to happiness (at least not all the time). Why don’t we just chill out for a minute, disconnect from the hectic busy world, and have fun with the simplest things of life? I never had that much fun I’m telling you!

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Ladies & Gentlemen: The Artyfacts

The Cross Platform Practice Unit presentation is done, and I thought that in order for this Cross Platform section of this blog to finish in a proper way I should bring some of our arty-facts for you to be part of the “Arts Revolution”!


The Art Circles Website:

The Art Circles Documercial:

Video Artyfact # 1: Mr Sweetapple

Video Artyfact # 2: Gemma Hawkins

Radio Show: Anthony Richmond-Turner, our art critic!

If you are wondering what is today’s target, pardon, topic! Press the link here:

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The Process of the Arty-facts

It’s done. The Cross Platform Practice project is done and handled in. Happy with the finished project, but such an unconventional way to get to the final results.

Reverse mode. Getting all the footage that we could get and put them all together like a confusing puzzle. Each piece revealed a bit of its final content. How did I feel with that? Walking with my eyes closed really. There is usually a script, a storyboard, the manual of the puzzle to be made; that is how I work anyway. But this time we were soldiers trying to get what we could. Documenting, catching, hunting, going with the flow, that is what I was doing. But inevitable we got to a point where nobody would keep on going, and that was the day where everything started to have a real meaning. Which day was that? The day we were having our tutorial with Jo.

What exactly do we want with this project? What was that exactly? Different perspectives of the same thing. I was understanding B, when somebody else was getting A, and the rest was thinking C. The wake up call was on the day that our producers and writer gathered at the Editing base: “This is not working”, too slow, too boring, too opposite to what I had visioned. That was certainly my wake up call. We met everyday for a week to give this project a real shape, lots of trimming, a bit of funk and enormous amount of life. It wasn’t a documentary anymore, but a “documercial” (love that term Fiona!). We need to sell this, not to a client in particular, but to an audience, an audience that is not particularly into arts. Arts can be fun, and funny and edgy and funky and interesting! It is the way to show the content and it is the way of how we organise and distribute that content too.

Saturday 19th. I am going to a concert with Fiona and I am happy for two main reasons:

1. I am going to see perform Roger Daltrey LIVE for the first time in my life.

2. The editing has a north now, and the documercial is looking GOOD.

We showed it to Jo and to everyone else in the group for the first time on Monday. “This is great”. Smiles everywhere. I have lots of corrections to be made written down on a piece of paper, but the structure and the content were there, and it seemed to be working.

We make the final touches, and it is done. Our virtual gallery and awesome radio show are looking and listening great too. The deadline: March 22nd. We are ready.

What have we learned?

1. Never use blue tags for making tracking points on the screen of an iphone, what was I thinking when I let that happened?? Our iphone footage looked amazing, but it was useless. Blue tags have volume and it is not great when you are shooting in different angles which make volume to change its perspective and not letting AE track properly. We did not use our lovely shots. Shame on us.

2. Script first, improvisation later.

3. Communication and being able to listen to other members of the team. (Ultra important!). Maybe that person has a great idea, but it is never used because nobody listened, and then you lose time, and then we go back to the same idea, but after a long time later! And you know what they say: Time is money!

I can honestly say that I have learned a lot, but I am not quite sure if it was the best way to learn those things. Oh well, what it is done, is done. I had the chance to work with Tom who is studying radio and helped us a lot with the making of the website and of course, with the radio show. It was great to record our voice over in the Birst Studio, and it was nice to see and remember all the action behind mixers. Such an awesome Production and Editing Team. Such creative writer and director. I am happy with the results and we are kicking ass on our presentation next Thursday, not this one though, there is an strike going on! Perfect timing, hey?!

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Something is cooking!

This X Platform unit is hard work. I am trying to make some time for myself between shootings, editing, and workshops. Is it normal that suddenly when I get home is almost time for bed? I feel I have little control of my agenda, and that is driving me insane. Although things are going to get better soon: Shootings will be done, I will have more time thanks to a decision that took me a while to make. Sometimes you get excited of all the things that are happening around you and you want to be part of them, but you just cannot. Two many projects tempting you to get involved with. I decided to back out from an interesting but never ending project, and you know what? I feel good. It is better this way. Let’s relax and focus in Cross Platforming!

Currently we are taking what we have produced so far and giving it shape. Although, I cannot deny that I feel a little bit of an explorer here. We are digging through our own material and it is revealing its content. It is not easy. Cross Platform is a bit of an unknown territory, but we are in the middle of the game, and there is nothing left but playing our very best.

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