Back to Roots

I’ll be honest. I’m panicking.


In 3 days I’ll be flying back to Peru after 3 years and 20 days living in the UK. According to my best friend’s personal experience: ‘It will get to a point when it all sinks in’, and today it finally has. I’m not just visiting family and friends, I’m going back as Criskcracker. I’m going back to work. I will be filming 12 amazing children who will be sharing their lives and dreams in the highlands of Peru with the world. The films are part of the ‘Meet My World’ project created by Amantani, a UK based charity working to defend the rights of children in Peru. It is a beautiful and exciting project and I’m truly honoured to have such a big responsibility.

This trip back home means a lot of things to me. Professionally, it is a challenge. My life seems to be nothing but a series of challenges, but isn’t it better to try new things? You only live once, you might as well just try all those things that will possibly make you happy and proud of yourself. Life is not about having material things, it’s about experiences, it’s about writing your own story, passing a legacy. This trip has also made me questioned about Immigration, the need to move to another country to get a round-up education and find better and exciting opportunities. People are people no matter where you are, we share pretty much the same ways (this is what I like to think at least most of the time). But I know I have changed. I’m curious to see what will happen once I’m back. What would be my perspective of things. How much has Peru changed. How will I digest the change. I woke up this morning with these and other thoughts, I grabbed my little pocket camera and let go a bit of what was going on in my head (excuse the tired face and the un-glam outfit).

So… I will keep you posted. I am aiming to have a little film documenting my journey. Because at the end my dear friends, it’s not about the destination, but the journey itself.

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4 Responses to Back to Roots

  1. Lucia says:

    I should pack too! 🙂 te veo alla! besos! I have to re-read your words, cause it’s exactly how I feel 😉
    I experienced already how is the first time coming back after 4 years, now of course I’m curious about this time too

  2. criskcracker says:

    And I can’t wait to share both our experiences about going back home after a long time and how our feelings and perspectives change once being back 😀 See you next week!!!! (How crazy that sounds?!) 😛

  3. H says:

    OMG, I TEARED UP YOU TURD! Absorb, absorb, absorb it all!!!!

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